Links and Resources

If you are interested in personality/social psychology, these are some great sites you should visit:

Personality Psychology

Situation Lab

How do individuals perceive their everyday situations? How can we measure these moment-to-moment experiences? The Situation Lab at Florida Atlantic University explores these questions and seeks to identify the psychological properties of situations and developing tools to measure them.

Riverside Accuracy Project

Decades of research has demonstrated that we can accurately judge another person's personality. However, there are key moderators of accuracy such as good judges, good targets, and the quality/quantity of information. The Riverside Accuracy Project also conducts research on situational assessment.

The Personality Project

Social Psychology

Social Psychology Network

Professional Organizations and Societies

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

With over 5000 members worldwide, SPSP is the largest society for personality and social psychologists. SPSP sponsors several high-impact journals (e.g., JPSP, PSPB, PSPR), and holds a annual conference.

Association for Research in Personality

ARP is a professional organizations devoted solely to personality psychology. They sponsor the Journal of Research in Personality and co-sponsor Social Psychological and Personality Science. ARP holds a biannual conference.

Personality Tests

Can You Guess Me
The Celebrity-Similarity Test
The SAPA Project
Out of Service